Medical Practice Assessment

A medical practice assessment is the equivalent of performing a complete history and physical on your practice. Whether you think you are in wonderful shape or are in significant financial or operational pain, our consultant(s), who specialize in medical and health care practice management, will examine every aspect of your practice and report the findings. After performing the assessment, your consultant will meet with you in person to present a comprehensive review of the findings as well as recommendations for improvements. You will have a clear understanding of how to take your practice to the next level. The results of a medical practice assessment empower you with the knowledge and guidance that can help improve your profits and free you up to enjoy practicing medicine again! Clients who follow the recommendations experience:

* Greater practice profits

* Increased patient satisfaction

* Improved employee morale

* Reduced stress for the physician and staff

Every healthcare practice has its own unique challenges and provisions, and your medical practice assessment may include, but is not limited to an in-depth review of:

* Operations

* Financials

* Business Structure

* Benchmark Analysis

* Compliance

* Revenue Cycle

* HR Management

* Patient and Work Flow