Healthcare Denial Management

Hospitals, physician groups, home health agencies, and other provider-based groups are turning to healthcare denial management because of the increasing focus on payment denials by insurance companies. Although such denials have been a problem for providers since the advent of third-party reimbursement programs, denials today have started to threaten the viability of provider organizations. Organizations aware of these issues are focusing intensely on mitigating and overturning denials, and others are only now becoming sensitive to the extent of the denial problem in their organization.

Through healthcare denial management, you’ll know every denial by its source, value, and issue, and track key denial metrics, including payer and patient responsibility.

  • Dashboard Reports based on your 835 Remit and 837 Claims

  • Payer Denial Metrics and Trends

  • Reports and graphs with analytics on denials by Issue Types and Payers

Analyze and understand all facets of healthcare denial management: from submitted claims to their denials to their subsequent payments. Alpha Medical Consulting Group will create a complete analytic picture of provider performance and denial payment opportunities.

  • Reduce healthcare claim denials

  • Identify and track payer denial and adjustment reason code denial trends

  • Increase revenue

  • Decrease AR days