Medical Coding Compliance Auditors

Coding compliance monitoring refers to the process of insuring that the coding of diagnoses and procedures complies with all coding rules and guidelines. Detection, correction,
prevention, verification and comparison constitute the five essential components of coding compliance. For a coding compliance system to be efficient and effective, it must become part of the normal workflow of the medical facility, and here at Alpha Medical Consulting Group, we have within our ranks medical coding compliance auditors who can facilitate all coding needs of your practice.

Alpha Medical Consulting’s experienced medical coding compliance auditors can ensure that your practice’s physician coding complies with all the necessary guidelines. We are a leading national provider of medical billing, coding, and consulting services for practices of any size, from clinics to hospitals. Our skilled medical coding compliance auditors are certified and here to streamline everything pertaining to the billing and coding process so your practice can get paid effectively, which will maximize the revenue and growth of your medical practice. We have helped a variety of medical practices across the nation regain control of their internal operations, and we want to help you too. Contact us at 800-749-5191 or through email at