Medical Coding Audit Services

Correct coding by physicians is critical to getting paid for what you do and for avoiding external audits by Medicare and other payers. That is why here at Alpha Medical Consulting Group, we offer quality medical coding audit services for your healthcare practice. The only way to determine whether coding is appropriate is to compare it against the actual clinical documentation you recorded in the chart. This coding audit can reveal whether any variation from national averages is due to inappropriate coding or to atypical levels of intensity among your patients. This type of audit can help you make corrections before payers challenge any inappropriate coding, or it can give you the confidence to fully code the more intense encounters you conduct. Alpha Consulting can provide all this for you through our medical coding audit services.

Alpha Medical Consulting is a leading national provider of medical coding audit services, billing, and consulting solutions for practices ranging from physician care providers to hospitals. Our coding auditors are the most professional in the industry for their knowledge, training, and expertise. Coding by physicians is essential to accurately get paid for your healthcare services, so when you outsource with us, you are working with dedicated medical consultants whose mission is to maximize the revenue and growth of your practice. Our consulting services have empowered countless medical practices nationwide to regain control of their coding auditing processes. Let us help you too. Contact us at 800-749-5191 or through email at