Medical Accounts Receivable Services

Accounts receivable or A/R is a term used to denote money owed to your practice for services you have rendered and billed. Any payments due from patients, payers, or other guarantors are considered A/R. A goal of every practice (indeed, every business) is to manage its A/R to ensure that it gets paid correctly in a timely manner. An increase in A/R from one period to another is often a sign that monies such as copays (and increasingly, deductibles for those patients with high-deductible health plans) are not being collected upfront. It portends cash flow troubles if not corrected. Alpha Medical Consultants can assist you with medical accounts receivable services to ensure your practice always gets paid correctly.

Even if your accounts receivable backlog is made up of low balance accounts, you don’t want them to linger. After a period of time, these seemingly low-priority claims can add up and become a bigger issue than they ever should have been. Given the number of high-priority accounts constantly on your plate, you can’t afford to allow a small collection of low balances to grow, which could ultimately require far too much time and resources to manage. In addition, your backlog likely won’t grow because of a lack of desire to clean it up. Accounts often fall by the wayside due to circumstances out of your control. Employee turnover, computer conversion or work redesign all run the risk of negating low-priority accounts. The only problem is, they don’t go away, and they will eventually have to be managed. With so many daily operations to manage, getting to these can be a challenge. However, our medical accounts receivable services can assist you with that for your peace of mind.

With our medical accounts receivable services, your claims are followed up systematically and quickly. We diligently pursue your claims for maximum insurance reimbursement and appeal your denials.
1. Our expert medical billing follow up team aggressively pursues all unpaid insurance claims. EOBs and claims are assessed, prioritized and handled on a claim by claim basis.
2. Claim denials are always handled by an appeal. Once the denial is evaluated, we utilize our appeal process to handle incorrect claim denials. Claims are never written off without being appealed first.
3. Follow up is handled utilizing insurance websites and direct contact via telephone. We are experts at getting through to the insurance companies to dispute improper denials and slow payments.