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Established in 2015, Alpha Medical Consulting Group specializes in Revenue Cycle Management in the medical industry. We are medical business consultants dedicated to the highest standards in coding, medical billing, and credentialing services, to help eliminate the strain and financial drain of reimbursement management from your medical practice. Committed to strategic alliances, we are your invested partner with an eye for smart, tactical decisions that maximize revenue, and sustain growth. We are proud of our Epic Certified staff of medical business consultants who are experienced in EPIC, Eclinical, Cerner, Athena, Medial Manager, Meditech, and Six Sigma process integration. Take the first step to financial empowerment. Reach us at 800-749-5191 or contact us through email at and receive a free revenue analysis today.

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Remote Coding

Remote coding is a convenient and cost-effective solution to meet your coding needs. Our remote medical coding….

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Billing Service

Alpha Medical Consulting Group uses simplified billing processes & transparent reporting tools for higher claims…

Medical Business Consultants

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

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Fix Your Fixed Costs

Unparalleled Visibility

What is your plan for growth?

Reimbursement Evolution

Your Practice. Our Team.

More Thriving in Rough Seas

A Capital Idea

Secure. Reliable. Partnership.

Lower Costs for Your Practice

Billing, Coding & Credentialing

Fix Your Fixed Costs

  • Reduce administrative drag and cost
  • Leave your low-value work to us.
  • AMCG leverages scale and automation to drive efficiencies at your practice.
  • Revenue cycle management service
  • We handle all of your outbound claims
  • And inbound remittance and payments.
  • We proactively address claim appeals and manage denials on your behalf.
  • And by continually expanding our billing services, we’re taking administrative tasks off your hands.
  • We make your claims our business, so your business can move faster.

Unparalleled Visibility

  • Visibility thatdrills downto the details
  • By location,department and specialty
  • Improving your revenue cycle requires the ability to identify weak spots.
  • Informing your decision-making with a finer focus on specific needs.
  • AMCG makes that easy by providing visibility at a detailed level.
  • You get a daily workflow memo to identify critical tasks.

What is your plan for growth?

Healthcare revenue cycle management that empowers your growth strategy

The battle for market share has put acquisition and consolidation at the strategic forefront for many health systems.

Regardless of your plan for growth, we have the optimal technological platform and services to see it through:

Scalable health care revenue cycle management that quickly responds to industry change—now and in an uncertain future.

This transparency lets you add providers and locations and still retain immediate insight into your organization.

AMCG teams track your onboarding progress, while our intuitive workflow ensures minimal ramp-up time for your staff.

Reimbursement Evolution

Addressing financial risk management by keeping you ahead of change

The old adage is true: the only thing constant is change.

It’s especially relevant for provider offices and health systems today, who are facing a rapidly changing variety of reimbursement options and new industry requirements.

ACOs. Bundled payment initiatives. ICD-10. What’s next?

It’s a potential financial and administrative landmine.

Which is exactly why you’re best outcome is with a partner that specializes in healthcare policy.

AMCG is uniquely poised to help you thrive through it all—regardless of your reimbursement mix.

Your Practice. Our Team.

Free benchmarking and coaching

Scripting, Templating and “at the elbow” coaching to enhance every efficiency.

AMCG Account Managers proactively analyze each organization’s health care revenue cycle management process:

determine areas of improvement

And coach the staff through an action plan created to drive results.

We also track the financial health of our entire network of providers

Now we can identify comparable benchmarks for your health system and implement best practices that are working elsewhere.

More Thriving in Rough Seas

AMCG manages change for our clients

We ensure that health care organizations stay on top of change

We infuse our network with expert payer knowledge and services.

Whether it’s new payer rules or reporting requirements

Our payer intelligence teams continually insert deep knowledge into the revenue cycle workflow.

With AMCG as a partner, your entire health system works from the same unified network, aligning providers working toward meeting value-based requirements

A Capital Idea

We drive efficiency and scale by taking on your work

Growing a health care organization usually means supporting an increased volume of administrative work, right?

With AMCG RCM, we take on that burden for you.

Our back-office teams manage your most time-consuming work, so you’re not forced into expanding staff as you grow.

You can free up capital and resources usually spent on hiring and training

Think of us as your central billing and office partner

Secure. Reliable. Partnership.

Giving you the flexibility to expand risk contracts

Because we can implement updates quickly, you can confidently take on more opportunities that tie reimbursement to outcomes.

Our team puts the right information where it needs to be, delivering the scale, intelligence, and services to keep you thriving.

Delivering real financial risk management for health systems.

Lower Costs for Your Practice

Medical Consulting

Harness our size and scale to produce better returns for your practice

We do more work per healthcare dollar because our size permits greater efficiency

Network-enabled revenue cycle services with proven results

Financial benefits of our partnership approach

Seamless updates to billing, coding and credentialing activity


Medical Consulting

Lower overhead costs because AMCG scales efficiency.

Expand your business, simply and effectively, without hiring, training and increased costs.

Get in the game! We coach with templates, best practices and even on-site.

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